Jul 13

Today is Friday the 13th

I am not a superstitious person. I have never carried a rabbit’s foot or a “lucky charm.” I did once break a mirror (accidentally dropped it), and I do tend to open umbrellas inside (to verify that they work). I haven’t noticed any change in my fortune since doing either of those things. I do admit that I avoid walking under ladders, but this is more out of common sense rather than superstition. I don’t want something to fall on my head!

But I admit that I was slightly concerned when I opened my apartment door last night and saw a BLACK CAT standing in the hallway, an hour before Friday the 13th. Was I hallucinating? Where did this random cat that I’d never seen before come from? I was about to close my eyes and count to three when another apartment door opened and someone called the cat inside. Phew! This was not a supernatural cat, just an average house pet.

Of course I recognized my silliness, and I laughed at the fact that the first place my mind went upon seeing the cat was toward the supernatural. Growing up with movies and stories that talk about these superstitions, it’s easy to see how they could seep into the subconscious of even the most rational minds.

Yesterday a black cat crossed my path. Today is Friday the 13th. But luckily, I am not a superstitious person. Today I intend to have a very good day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Jennifer

    Uhhh, I think it was COMPLETELY normal to be alarmed at the sight of a black cat just sitting outside your door….EEKS! I am superstitious and used to be more superstitious when I was younger, but I have tried to purposefully do things like open my umbrella indoors even when I don’t have to in order to break out of my superstitious thinking and prove to myself that nothing will happen! But, I am still EXTRA careful with mirrors :)

    1. Aiyana

      LOL, thanks for confirming I wasn’t crazy to be worried!

  2. aaronb

    BUT, what happens if, while running from the black cat that crossed your path, you step on multiple cracks, and slam into a mirror (being transported by a street vendor) thereby breaking it as you fell with the salt and pepper you were bringing home from the store which spilled – with your wallet – under a nearby ladder. Just wondering!

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