Aug 29

Remembering Michael Jackson

Today is the King of Pop’s birthday. Michael Jackson would be 54 years old if he were alive today. I don’t remember exactly when I became a serious fan of Michael Jackson’s. I remember being around 3 or 4 and seeing the Thriller video for the first time (I was slightly nervous). I remember being in first grade and doing morning exercises to the song “Beat It”, which played every morning over the loud speaker. I remember gathering in front of the TV with my family for every Michael Jackson music video premier – Remember the Time, Black or White, You Rock my World. And, somewhere along the way, I became a fan.

I’m sure the radio waves will be blasting all day with all of MJ’s hits. I long ago gave up trying to pick my favorite Michael Jackson tune. Is it disco era Michael (Dancing Machine, Life of the Party), Jackson 5 Michael (Who’s Lovin’ You, Lookin Through the Windows), or superstar Michael (Billie Jean)? Michael truly left behind an impressive legacy of music and despite his passing I have no doubt that he gains new fans every day.

If you’re in the DC area, there will be lots of fans celebrating MJ’s legacy – Click here for a few events happening in that area.

I’m very excited to learn that Spike Lee will be making a documentary called “Bad25″ which describes the making of Michael’s album, “Bad”. Read more about that here.

Check out my Michael Jackson music appreciation site, MJMoment.com.


  1. Darla McDavid

    I was a Michael fan when The Jackson Five made their first records in the Sixties. He was a musical genius. I only wish he had been a happy one. I visited your MJMoment site and loved that fun fact about The Love You Save — the historical figures in the lyrics. I never noticed that!

    1. Aiyana

      Hi Darla, thanks for checking out my other site! Glad you liked the fun fact :)

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